Parish Groups

Third World Group

In 2002 the Third World Group started up in our parish in response to the poverty and suffering by many people in the Third World at the time. The parish would raise money for developing countries and at the same time organise events for parishioners to meet together. For instance, we have helped people in the following countries:Uganda, Kenya, Ecuador, Bosnia, Mozambique, Liberia, Kashmir, The Holy Land, Philippines, Malawi, Nepal, Senagal and Nigeria.

The group at present numbers 12, ranging from student members to retired people. New members would be most welcome to help with fund-raising.
To date we have raised money through coffee mornings, concerts, ceilidhs, sponsored walks and marathons, car boot sales and ladies’ events not to mention regular donations from parishioners. 

Since 2002 we have raised  more than £35,000

Activity Update

Our fund-raising has taken on a new incentive as we are going to help fund a Health Centre in rural Nigeria.  We need almost £16,000 to supply a generator, electrical equipment, beds and mattresses, paint and most importantly a bore well.

We have already donated the funds for the electrical works and the generator (Oct 2013 and August 2013) and are working towards raising money for the bore well.

We are holding a COFFEE MORNING on Sunday 23 Feb at 11.15 am in the Church Hall.  As usual  will have delicious cakes and teas and coffees, plus a raffle.  Please come along out of the rain and enjoy yourselves!

Other dates for Coffee Mornings for your diary are - 23 March, 27 April and 1 June.

On Saturday 8 March we are holding another Table Top Sale in the Antonine Centre - following on from our very successful one in October last year.  If you have saleable items to donate, they can be handed in after any Mass or on the morning of the sale which starts at 10 am.

If you have any ideas/expertise you would like to share with us or would like to join us, please contact the group through the parish.

PLANT SALE will be held on Saturday morning 17 May at 10.30 am in the Hall.  Great bargains in bedding plants, herbaceous plants, herbs and house plants.

Society of St Vincent De Paul


This conference began in the early 1960’s and at present consists of 7 members (5 female and 2 male) most of whom are retired. The conference would gladly welcome new members (over 14 years of age) to increase its numbers.

The Saint Vincent de Paul Society was formed by Blessed Frederic Ozanam in 1833 to help alleviate poverty. At that time he was a student and along with 6 friends made a positive move to change conditions for the socially excluded. The society now has around a million active members in 126 countries.

The SSVP conference at Sacred Heart Church is busy visiting the 
sick, lonely and patients in hospital and nursing homes and those who seek material assistance. They also help by transporting people to and from Mass, on outings and to hospital appointments.

The meetings are held every Monday evening to review their work as well as to allocate future work in a spirit of prayer and mutual support. Members also attend National Meetings and take part in SSVP Masses and retreats and other Society events. 

If you would like to join the Society to help those in this area, please contact the parish priest.

Altar Servers

Our Altar servers are made up of two groups - a week day mass group, who serve mass on a daily basis and serve at Requiem Masses and major feasts..  The second group are our Weekend Mass Group who enhance our liturgy in their service at the Altar. The servers have a ministry to serve God and aid the participation of the faithful by adding dignity and solemnity to our praise of God, through his Holy Sacraments


R.C.I.A. (Rite of Christian Initiation)

This group prepares adults who have expressed an interest in finding out about Catholicism to explore our faith with a view to joining the church if they find their faith to be consistent with the belief of the Catholic community.

Liturgy Group

This committee is made up of representatives of the parish, Extra-Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, readers, choirs, children’s liturgy, funeral liturgy, altar servers and passkeepers. This group was expanded in 2013 to co-ordinate the liturgical life of our parish and has undertaken to become involved initiatives such as youth masses, children’s liturgy, Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament regularly with each group in the parish taking turns to lead and put together appropriate services. 


The choir lead the singing at our 10:30am mass, they uplift our parish family in their signing.  As St. Augustine said, "he who sings...., prays twice"


Music Group.

Play at our Saturday evening Mass. At the moment there are guitarists and  flautests. we would welcome more musicians and singers.


The readers of our parish, proclaim the word of God aloud to allow the parish family to ponder them in our heart.  This ministry allows the parish community to gather and hear the proclamation of the word of God. "The readings lay the table of Gods word for the table and open up the riches of the scriptures to them" GIRM 34

Extra-Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

The Extra-Ordinary ministers of Holy Communion assist the ordinary ministers (priest or deacon) in the distribution of Holy communion to the sick and the community.
GIRM 65 - to take care of the Sacred Vessels and take communion to the community


Meet every second Thursday at 08:30 in the church.  The house of God is a place of dignity and respect and through their work the cleaners of our parish pay homage to God by keeping his Church Clean.  Always looking for new helpers in this group - so why not Volunteer today?

Ministers of Welcome

Following the Parish Assembly in 2013, we decided to reach out to become a more welcoming parish community. This ministry welcomes people to our church and to create the feeling that people are welcome and important as they move from a crowd gathering to being the people of God

Parish Council

The Parish council was established under Mgr. Osborne under the diocesan statues, their role is to animate the spiritual and social life of the parish family.