MINUTES OF SACRED HEART PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL MEETING held in the hall on Monday 20 April 2015 at 7.30 pm.


The meeting was opened with a prayer.


  • SEDERUNT:  Father John Campbell, Jack Banks, Pat Campbell, Bill Cunningham, Bill Dempsey, Kathleen Dixon, Helen Dunese, Paul Hansen, Maureen Kane, Josephine Lewis, Natalie Maguire, James Mulholland.  Apologies from Jan McCartney, Ryan Dunese, Daniel Hanson and Vincent Raeburn.
    The minutes were approved and adopted.
    Natalie reported that the Pizza and film night in March was a great success. A Barbecue and rounders night is planned for next Friday.  It was decided not to have an event in May due to exams.  In June, some younger parishioners would help to serve the meal for the Senior Citizens to be held in the hall. On 20 June an outing to Balloch is planned to include  nature walk, a boat trip and a meal.
    The photograph of the lift to be installed to link the hall and the church was considered by the committee. (Kone Motala 2000).  The quote for this was £18,000 plus VAT.  It is also possible that we may not need a building warrant.  The firm which will install the lift will also cut into the floor.  The final cost could be £25,000 – 30,000.  The lift could be operated with a key. Having a stair lift on the stairs from outside the school up to the church was considered, but it was decided to concentrate initially on having the lift installed.  Bill Cunningham stated that a Finance Committee had been set up to raise funds firstly for the lift.
  • CONSTITUTION (re-writing)

    This had been done and it was noted that the Minutes of the PPC as well as the Agenda would be posted on the website.
    Fr John stated that nothing was happening re this.
    Paul Hansen reported that he had not received any communication from Ricky whose contact details he had been given.  It was decided that Fr John would contact him and in the meanwhile quotes would be obtained for heat curtains for the doors.
    Bill Cunningham gave the names of the Finance Committee – himself as chair, Kathleen Dixon as secretary, Helen Dunese, Andrew McEneny, E McLean and Marie Keegan whose remit would be to raise funds for the lift initially.  Their next meeting would be held on 29 April.  An up-date from the Finance Committee would be made at each PPC.
    Bill C asked if there could be another parish retreat.  Increased participation of young people in their activities, men’s breakfast, ladies’ group were all thought to show increased community involvement. A young people’s overnight/outward bound event was suggested and Natalie could put this to her group.
    Another suggestion was to have an inter-parish quiz night (Jim Mulholland thought that they were very successful previously).  Fr John will contact other priests to get their PPC contacts. 

This could be held on the Friday 11th September , as our September meeting).

    Some discussion followed re Bill D’s letter to John Ashcroft, Senior Engineer of NLC.  It is possible to create more parking on the green space on the left as you enter the car park.  Also the concrete area to the left of the front of the church needs to be re-surfaced and Bill suggested this area could be made into an extra car park for disabled.  He also thought that a landscape architect could look at the cypress trees which could cause problems in the future.  Fr John would contact someone who could help.
    These were as follows:  8 June, 7 September, 9 November.
    Fr John suggested that Mgr Paul Murray could be contacted to provide some spiritual event for the PPC.  Maureen volunteered to contact him.

    This was scheduled to take place 24 – 26 May this year.  Since it is a holiday weekend, it was decided to reduce services to having only an evening service on Tuesday at 7 pm.
    Jack Banks reported that the lunch would be 3 courses which would be paid for by the parish.  SVdP Society would help out with the bar and the raffle would be donations.  Entertainment would be from the music groups in the parish and from members of the choir. Members from the youth group would be serving.  Kathleen had agreed to decorate the tables.   It would commence at 12.30 and finish at 4.30pm.
    Numbers would be limited to 100 and also limited to parishioners only.
  • AOCB  There being no other business, the meeting closed with a prayer.